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"Dont Hide Behind Fear...Love" You want us to be yesterday, deep pillars in the ground; but how can we be yesterday, when we werent even around?" LOVE








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My name is:


My favorite thing to to is to sing.

My name is:


I attend a Christian school. I have two sisters and one brother.  I enjoy making friends and socializing, as well as helping others in  any way I can.

My name is:


  I love to play sports like volleyball & basketball. Other hobbies I do consist of playing the clarinet in band and representing my school in leadership ways. At the moment, I am 13 & promoting from 8th grade in 2018. I take honors classes for ELA & Social Studies. I also am ahead of most eighth graders in math by taking 10th grade geometry. I'm super excited to move on to high school because I get to take classes that involve law. In the future, I'm interested in being a lawyer. I am also a Christian at Kings Chapel Altar Of Prayer. I participate in the choir and things like this play we're doing for the youth. I love the Lord and hope that after this play, you do too!

My name is:


My favorite thing to do is to write.

My name is:


I like to play basketball and soccer and I love to paint and draw more than anything.


My name is:


My favorite thing to do is to create  toys.

My name is:


"One thing that's helps me when I am fearful is to listen to some inspiring music and to write it all out."

My name is:


My name is Lydia. I am 14 years old. I like play volleyball and enjoy singing.


My name is:

 I am blessed to be attending school at Grand Canyon University as a freshman. I am studying Pre-Medicine and I think I want to work with animals and/or be a veterinarian, but I've also recently realized that I really love learning and being involved with kids and people globally- like with Refugee Ministry at GCU! Some of my favorite things to do is meet new people, try new things (like spelunking which is exploring caves for fun!), volunteer, go on adventures outside, and worship Jesus.

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King's Chapel Altar of Prayer Temple Youth Department, Elder Ruther & Mother Velma Hamilton