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"Dont Hide Behind Fear...Love" You want us to be yesterday, deep pillars in the ground; but how can we be yesterday, when we werent even around?" LOVE








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Please Support our Youth department as we raise money for the St. Jude Children Research Hospital and our youth department by performing in a play:

Don't Hide Behind Fear...Love

Musical and play written by:
Dorcas Chandler

"We welcome you to come and see the would be simply awesome if you came!"

Registration number for our organization event

*We have changed our date from January 7th 2018, due to another event at the Glendale Women's Club.  We know that the play will be in March of 2018 at the same location, but we are waiting for a confirmation of date. By changing the dates, it will give us more time to raise more money for the children at St. Jude and also our youth department.

Thank you in advance for any amount!

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Dorcas Chandler at:





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King's Chapel Altar of Prayer Temple Youth Department, Elder Ruther & Mother Velma Hamilton